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HOYOGO April Birthday Party

2019/04/30 14:32:14

Life needs a sense of ritual, happiness stems from a sense of ritual, and birthdays need ritual to carry since it is the most special day for everyone.

In this warm spring, on April 26th, we held another HOYOGO birthday party.

birthday party

delicious cake

different fruits

mysterious gifts are waiting for you

fruits cake

Performance reward:

Quality first, customer’s satisfaction is our core value, what these colleagues have done and the results are a reflection of their efforts to respect this core value, so they should be rewarded and encouraged. 

Performance reward

Congratulations on a full member turning

After a few months’ effort, Noreen, from our marketing department, successfully passed the probationary period and became our staff officially from this month. We hope that in the future, you will work hard with everyone in this big family, keep improving, help each other, play your own role and realize your personal value.


Yumi , our COO highlighted the situation of the global PCB industry and mentioned that March and April are the periods with unstable business. She recognized the performance of everyone and encouraged all departments to work with the marketing department to maximize service levels.

The next step is to welcome two new R&D engineers Mr. Yao and Mr. Cao on board. They are primarily responsible for developing new projects. With their participation, the business activity of HOYOGO will be more diverse. 

R&D engineers

After enjoying the yummy food, we celebrated the birthdays for the birthday colleagues. We hope that in the new year they will closer to their dreams. You are the April day of the world, "Happy Birthday" to you with unlimited possibilities!


A small party every month embodies company’s cordial care for the employees, and also highlights our good corporate culture and the extraordinary centripetal force of our employees. During this time, everyone has gained a lot of happiness and friendship, and adding a touch of warmth to the ordinary monotonous life. In the days that followed, HOYOGO family will continue to cheer and grow together. May everyone’s everyday is wonderful!

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