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2017.10.12 Europe visit

2018/02/07 13:27:34

Rrom Usingen to Nuremberg

The last Visit came to Germany's city: Nuremberg. Yumi invited by clients to visit his home where agreed that it would be more reassuring to go to the hotel for a rest, often with a nice start to the finish.

Everybody was having fun chatting about various news or interesting things happening around them. Then Yumi sdid this was her last visit in Germany in 2017. Is it a surprise or a helpless way to ask customers? The customer is happy to say: "I am very happy to welcome you if I am not busy. If my time is tight, I'm worried that I can not solve the problem but I wasted time. However, few partners can consolate each year so When I am busy, I must also take the time out because this is the most polite way to treat sincerity. "

Yumi believed in that if the company of this client would go stronger next year,meaning the birth of a more reliable partnerthe PCB of HOYOGO would be known by more people,not only rigid pcb?he needed,but also liked high density pcb and others we had.

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