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2017.11.15 America visit

2018/02/09 12:43:20


After meeting with friends in Toronto, Yumi flew to Niagara. Canadian customers are our new customers. It is necessary to prepare for this visit in advance. Because HOYOGO has never had any customer churn, so it is the purpose of this trip to solve customers' worries and concerns.Looking at happy smile of the picture everyone knows we are successful!


So what are the customer's concerns? 3 months ago, a salesperson of HOYOGO sent wrong payment account to this clientthen asked him when the payment did come back.All is a error or mistake,the importance is how to deal with it.First of all,this visit made an apology for customer.However, a pcb comgpany at some time  appeared some small mistake was commonbut not every one took a visit for apology.


Yumi said after coming back we were an attitude company,we could not leave mistake alive resulting in a bigger error,you all standed for HOYOGO,an attitude pcb factory and pcb manufacturing.

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