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2017.11.18 America visit

2018/02/09 20:20:29


Bid farewell to Niagara, HOYOGO's visiting troops will travel to New Hampshire. Astonished customers also ate local specialties with our Yumi. At the same time, executives at various companies discussed how the quality of products can be better improved.After dinner Yumi asks that the cost price of metal core pcb will be higher in the future,what are our orders?


The client replies I know epoxy low prices will rise, because of shortage of copper materials will also increase the price, so our order is still the same, if the order is expanded I hope we can keep with the same price.


Yumi puts forward that whatever the pcb cost will rise or reduce,HOYOGO keeps the same price for our customer.As a MCpcb manufacturer,what we need do better is the way to improve our product quality and productive forces including service of course.


Expect the content above,they talk more about the changing market,how the company develop is the title.However,giving our best attitude work is very possible to realize our dream.

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