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2017.11.23 America visit

2018/02/12 13:53:10

After leaving New York, fatigue comes with followed by long-term rush. However, Yumi will see her best girlfriends, excited and happy to fill their hearts. Chatting with girlfriends, whether it is work or life can speak freely, this is a journey in a beautiful thing.

America visit

When arrived at Harris Airport, saw this bustling decoration and exquisite architectural style, suddenly felt the land of abundance, waiting for them is fairy greeting, with warm hospitality, to see the long time no see of good partners, heart Feel very warm, laughter along the way all the way, there is no embarrassment of any embarrassing situation, each other as a family-like passion.


One of the best and most beautiful partnersin Harrisburg this beautiful natural city, so there will be the birth of this wizard. Before leaving, they begin to plan when to meet next year!

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